The Age of Insanity

From the May 31, 2019 edition of The Castle Report by 2016 Constitution Party Presidential candidate, Darrell Castle.

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday, May 31, 2019, the last Friday of May, and on this report I will be talking about what I call insanity, because it makes no sense to me. It should make no sense to anyone but to those whose brains are wired to a certain end, I suppose that ripping apart the fabric of civilization in the pursuit of raw political power makes some degree of sense.

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Michael Peroutka Coming to Spokane Area May 2-6

Michael Anthony Peroutka, 2004 Constitution Party Presidential candidate and co-founder of the Institute on the Constitution, will be visiting the Spokane area May 2-6. Dates and locations of speaking engagements are below.

Discovering that the teaching of law in America had been perverted away from its original design, Michael determined to investigate America’s founding and the roots of our law in English Common Law and the Bible. This led to founding the Institute on the Constitution. The IOTC has since developed several study courses with its main U.S. Constitution course having been used to teach America’s founding principles in homes, schools, and churches across the land. The IOTC teaches the founders’ view, which is to say, “the American view” of law and government, namely that:

  • There is a God, the God of the Bible.
  • Our rights come from Him.
  • The purpose of civil government is to secure our God-given rights.

Learn more about the Institute on the Constitution at

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Initiative 1639: State Leaders Get It Wrong, But Former Spokane County Prosecutor Don Brockett and Many Sheriffs Get it Right!

In the wake of last year’s passage of Initiative 1639, which severely impairs the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, many law enforcement officials have declined to enforce the draconian measure. Recently, former Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney, Don Brockett, had a guest opinion piece published in the Spokesman Review that well states the case of why I-1639 is not law

We want to applaud Mr. Brockett for clearly stating what should be the obvious, but apparently is not for some of our state’s highest elected officials.

We also wish to honor those law enforcement officials who are performing their duty to protect “we the people” and preserve our God-given rights by refusing to enforce a statute which clearly lacks the force of law. We are behind you and are ready to stand with you against any who may attempt to pressure you into violating our rights and your oath to uphold both our state and federal Constitutions. 

We in the Constitution Party have long advocated for the principle of “interposition,” when lower magistrates “interpose,” or “intervene,” placing themselves between the people and higher authorities who are misbehaving or behaving in an unlawful manner that violates the rights of the people. You can hear that principle articulated by former Constitution Party Vice Presidential candidate, Herb Titus, here.

Please read the following article by Don Brockett to better understand why I-1639 is not law.

State leaders wrong on I-1639

By Don Brockett
Published in the Spokesman Review, March 13, 2019

Recently, Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson sent a letter to gun dealers about the provisions of Initiative 1639. Ferguson previously criticized sheriffs who are resisting the passage of the initiative. The sheriffs are correct; the governor and attorney general are wrong.

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Blaming Third Parties for Major Party Losses Ignores the Elephant in the Room

In the wake of Republican losses in the recent election, I ran across an article suggesting that third party candidates may have contributed to the defeat of some Republicans. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. However, to simply blame third parties and independents for major party losses is to miss a much bigger point.

First – third party and independent candidates very rarely take enough votes to be the deciding factor in an election. Even when a third party candidate takes as many votes as the difference between the two major party candidates, the third party candidate’s votes do not come exclusively from voters who would have all voted for the same major party candidate had the third party candidate not been in the race. Some who typically vote D will on occasion crossover to vote R, while an R might vote for a D under certain circumstances.

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How to Vote Right

Constitution Party leader and former Missouri State Representative, Cynthia Davis, interviews Ron Calzone on her Home Front program. Cynthia and Ron share principles to make voting easier and help us understand the proper role of government. They also give some insider insights as to what goes on in state government, not just in Missouri, but around the country.

Evergreen State Constitutionist

Special 2018 Primary Election Edition

As happens, seemingly every election year, I’ve recently had people asking me how to vote in the upcoming primary election. Though I have sometimes provided analysis and information on the candidates and issues, I am reluctant to simply tell people who or what to vote for. Neither am I willing to tell people who is the “better” of the candidates, as better does not necessarily mean “right.”

Rather, what I would like to do at this time, is direct everyone to sound, principled instructions on how to vote, as in, what considerations should guide our thought process as we select persons to govern over us, our families, and our neighbors families.

I highly recommend the following and strongly encourage everyone to give serious consideration to these instructional resources before investing the precious, empowering virtue of your vote. Continue reading “Evergreen State Constitutionist”

Putting Mass School Shootings Into Perspective

Robert W. Peck – Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington

When a shocking tragedy like the recent Parkland, Florida mass school shooting takes place, the media keeps it in the headlines for days. Television inundates our senses with sights and sounds that reinforce the human emotion of the calamity while the drama is relived in front of our eyes day and night. The media milks an event like this for all the ratings it’s worth, keeping it in the news-cycle for up to a week, or at least until the next natural disaster or political scandal comes along.

Our senses can easily become overwhelmed by the relentless rehearsing of the story and its horrific details, all presented in a manner calculated to elicit an emotional response rather than rational thought. If we’re not alert, and diligent to exercise critical thinking, we can quickly lose perspective and join Chicken Little in believing that the sky really is falling, that mass shootings are sweeping the land, and that if the government doesn’t do something quick, “we’ll all die!” Continue reading “Putting Mass School Shootings Into Perspective”

The Pledge of Allegiance

At the January 2018 meeting of the Constitution Party of Spokane County, Kayloni Bonner led a discussion on the Pledge of Allegiance and concerns that some people have with certain concepts in the pledge. Sometimes we need to stop and listen to the words we’re saying and consider their significance. You can view a printable handout that accompanies this topic here.