Constitution Party Video Channel

The main repository of Constitution Party videos is at There is also a Constitution Party channel on YouTube. Presentations given at Constitution Party National Committee meetings have been sorted into separate albums for each meeting and can be found at


Constitution Minute

Randall_in_Studio-CroppedThe Constitution Minute is a collection of two minute radio commentaries produced by 2010 Constitution Party of Washington Congressional candidate, Randall Yearout. These are poignant, concise and insightful commentaries that deal more with fundamental principals than with mere current events. Peruse the collection of all 16 episodes here – Constitution Minute




“Gil” Radio Ads

These humorous radio ads, created by Constitution Party of Washington  supporter, Colin Hayes, feature Colin’s “Gil” persona which he has also used in several comedy videos. These ads became an audience favorite on a Spokane radio station that was airing them and even landed “Gil” an on air interview with on a program at the station. Listen and enjoy here – Gil Ads



For those who may not be acquainted with the term, a podcast is audio and/or video content that is both episodic in nature and subscribable. Unlike radio, podcast content can be listened to “on demand,” i.e., at your convenience. Podcast content can be consumed via a computer, tablet, smartphone, Internet enabled TV and even some cars. Podcasts can be subscribed to by a variety of methods including installing feed reader software on a computer or using one of the many multimedia players that can subscribe to RSS feeds, the Feedly extension in a browser, iTunes on an iPad or iPhone, Stitcher on Android phones and much more. There are currently two Constitution Party leaders producing regular podcast content that you can subscribe to:


The Castle Report – A short news and commentary podcast released each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Castle Report is produced by Darrell Castle, an attorney and Marine Corp veteran from Memphis, Tennessee. Mr. Castle is the former vice chairman of the Constitution Party National Committee and was the party’s 2008 Vice Presidential nominee. Listen and subscribe at



Home Front with Cynthia Davis – Cynthia Davis is a four term Missouri State Representative and Constitution Party leader. Cynthia does a weekly interview podcast with a variety of Christian and Constitutional leaders from around the country. She also produces a weekly newsletter. Subscribe to Cynthia’s newsletter and listen to her podcast at





The Patriot Collection

The Constitution Party is more than just a political party, it is a cause rooted in ideals that must be revisited and rehearsed from time to time to keep them fresh in our hearts and minds lest they be lost from our thinking and from the public debate. The Patriot Collection is an audio archive of political and patriotic addresses that embody the guiding principles and philosophical ideals embraced by the Constitution Party. As Constitutionists, it is imperative that we keep the values that set us apart ever before our eyes and the message constantly ringing in our ears so that we never slip in our duty of boldly raising a standard that honors God, upholds the Constitution and contends for liberty. Start your journey into the principles of Christian Constitutionalism by listening to the timeless classics contained in The Patriot Collection.