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Can the Republican Party be Saved?

Two former Republican Party insiders, turned Constitution Party supporters, share their insights and experiences with the Republican Party. Cynthia Davis, who conducts this interview on her Home Front program, served four terms in the Missouri State House of Representatives. Cynthia’s guest, Gary Welch, is a former Republican Party strategist and opposition researcher who now serves as the Constitution Party National Communications Director.








North Korea, Just War and the U. S. Constitution

With North Korea test firing missiles, the US having already fired missiles into Syria, and President Trump now referring to a “military option” for dealing with Venezuela, it seems only reasonable, and responsible, to review the moral authority for the use of military force, and the constitutional methods for applying that force.

With these things in mind, our party’s Spokane County affiliate addressed these issues at their August monthly meeting, using the following outline to guide their discussion. The outline includes links to supporting documents and videos for further study.

We cannot hold our elected officials accountable to sound principles and the rule of law if we ourselves are lacking in an understanding of those principles. Therefore, we encourage you to review this outline and prayerfully ponder the principles that apply. Continue reading →

Restore, or Reform – That is the Question

By Daniel New – Constitution Party of Texas

Let’s face it – those who believe the Constitution is something that ought to be followed today, to the letter of Original Intent, are a small minority in our country.

There are basically two points of view amongst those conservative patriots who believe the only thing that could possible save this country would be to return as quickly as possibly to the Constitution:

  1. Those who believe it’s too late, that the Republic is dead, that it’s all over but the crying; and
  2. Those who believe it might be doable, IF we were to start voting for principled candidates instead of party hacks whose loyalty is to their party and their pocketbooks not necessarily in that order).

Ask any conservative which camp he falls in – most will tell you they think it can be done, but once again, those voters fall in one of two categories: Continue reading →

Honored by the SPLC

Robert W. Peck – Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington

The organization that I chair, the Constitution Party of Washington, along with the party’s many other state affiliates, has been honored by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) with the title of “Extreme Antigovernment Group.” Please allow me to explain why this is an honor.

The Constitution Party is pro-civil government, pro-U. S. Constitution, and pro-rule of law. The Constitution Party understands that the rule of law emanates from the Creator who is the source of all authority; that authority has been delegated by God to man; that “we, the people,” have further delegated a portion of that authority to the institutions of civil government via the instruments of our state and federal constitutions. The only acts of governing that the Constitution Party opposes are those that violate the revealed will of the Creator or that violate the contract between we, the people, and the institutions of civil government.

Therefore, when the SPLC calls the Constitution Party “antigovernment,” it is by default saying that the only form of government that it views as legitimate is that which is unconstitutional, ungodly, or unbounded by the rule of law. Evidently, in the eyes of the SPLC, being “pro-government” means supporting administrations, bureaucracies, rules, and legislation that are outside of what the Creator, or we, the people, through our precious constitution, have authorized. Continue reading →

Some Things Are So Obvious They Are Invisible

By Doug Schurman – Constitution Party supporter, Clarkston, Washington

Mature Americans are familiar with cliché’s which have been with us for as long we can remember.

“Can’t see the forest for the trees,” “Hidden in plain sight,” “Follow the money” are three examples. What do these have to do with the Country we used to call our own?

Perhaps one of the best ways to explain where we are versus where we were, is via an old movie.

The 1963 movie, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World was a huge success, even though it was over three hours long. And it was really one long chase scene minus machine guns, helicopters with rocket pods, or fantastic unreal explosions. Yet, the audience was usually left physically drained from laughing.

What does this have in common with America today? So happy you asked! Continue reading →

Interview With Vice Presidential Candidate, Herb Titus

Herb Titus was the Constitution Party’s 1996 Vice Presidential candidate. He was recently interviewed by our friend and fellow Constitution Party supporter, former Missouri State Representative, Cynthia Davis, on her Home Front podcast.

Herb Titus is one of America’s true constitutional experts. Titus has taught constitutional law at five American Bar Association approved law schools, and was the founding Dean of the college of Law and Government in Regent University. He is also admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

Recently, Titus has been involved in submitting friend of the court briefs in the suit against President Trump regarding immigration policy. Cynthia and Mr. Titus discuss that case and many other important principles of American Constitutional government in this interview.



The Politics of Lucy Van Pelt

By Riley J. Hood—Milwaukee County Constitution Party, Wisconsin

“A reproof entereth more into a wise man than an hundred stripes into a fool.”-Proverbs 17:10

Growing up I read enough of Charles Schultz’s Peanuts cartoons to be familiar with the antics of Lucy Van Pelt.  Lucy was a one trick pony who always offered to hold the football for Charlie Brown and then pulled it away at the last moment: Every single time.  She never had to try something new because Charlie Brown never decided to stop listening to her.

Guess what Charlie Brown?  She did it again, more accurately the Republican Party FAILED to repeal Obamacare.  I said as much in “Repeal and Replace?”  It doesn’t take psychic powers to notice an active pattern of the Democrat Party introducing Socialist measures, such as the Income Tax, SSI, Welfare, the US Department of Education and Obamacare: then having the GOP fail to remove such evils, after they made campaign promises to do so. Once again, the political football has been snatched away, and the effort to kick Obamacare into the ash heap of bad ideas has failed.

Guess what?  The GOP won’t change as long as you keep listening to them.  They do the same thing over and over again because it works every single time.  We started the Constitution Party so that you could support candidates that won’t treat you like you are Charlie Brown.  It takes a lot of work to transform a “minor party” into a major political party, but America needs some political competition from the Right.

Evergreen State Constitutionist: March 2017


All of you who have duly sworn an oath to “support and defend” the U. S. Constitution, and to “bear true faith and allegiance to the same,” have but one choice available to them where Obamacare is concerned, and that is to repeal and “NOT” replace.

Article I, Section 8, of the United States Constitution, which specifies the powers delegated to Congress, nowhere mentions healthcare, or health insurance, thus leaving them outside the purview of Congress. Though legal gymnastics, and Constitutional contortions, have been used to justify the federal government’s meddling in these areas, to do so shows contempt for the clear intentions of the framers of the Constitution, and thereby, shows contempt for the document itself and for the rule of law which emanates from it. Continue reading →

Course Correction

Robert W. Peck – Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington

I recently discovered a pamphlet in a pile of materials on my desk that was waiting to be sorted. The pamphlet contained the text of a speech given by former Nixon administration official, Constitution Party founder, and champion of the conservative cause, Howard Phillips. The speech, titled, “Under What Authority?,” was given as the keynote address at the 1996 National Affairs Briefing, attended by over 50 conservative leaders and 3,000 activists in Memphis, Tennessee. The speech is the kind of thing that I cut my political teeth on, and it’s an example of the rhetoric that was fanning the flames of the Christian-Conservative-Right of just 21 years ago.

After reading Howard’s words in that pamphlet, and rehearsing the issues that were part of the conservative agenda back then, I find myself questioning whether the movement has been checking to see that it is still on course, or if it even remembers its original destination. Continue reading →

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Darrell Castle, former national Vice-chairman, currently serves on the National Executive Committee and was the Constitution Party Vice-presidential nominee in 2008.

Cynthia Davis, a four term Missouri State Representative, currently serves as a member of the Constitution Party National Committee.

Constitution Minute by Randall Yearout

Randall Yearout is the voice of Red-White-and-Blue Collar Radio and creator of the Constitution Minute radio spots originally aired on the American Christian Network, based in Spokane, Washington. This book is a compilation of those spots with additional supporting material for the principles Randall applies to today's world. You can listen to them from the Multimedia page on this website.

America Needs a Third Party Now!

This book was produced for the national Constitution Party by Karen Murray, Constitution Party of Washington Vice-chairman. It is a compilation of essays gathered from Constitution Party leaders across America and includes a history of third parties, why they are essential to freedom, and why a party based solely on the founding principles of the American Constitutional Republic is the best choice for America.