Evergreen Constitutionist Update: 22 June 2016

Dear Constitutionists;

Over the past 20 years, our federal government has been 68% Republican controlled and the R party currently controls three times as many states as the D party, yet everything continues to go in the wrong direction. I can’t find a logical explanation for Christian-conservative people winning at the polls and holding the reins of power, yet having the power that they hold in their hand produce the opposite of what they sought the power for. I can’t find a natural explanation for that, but I can find a supernatural one – God has not honored the victories of the conservative right because we did not get those victories by honoring, trusting and obeying Him.

I believe that God is bigger than whoever happens to be in the White House and that my personal success, peace, prosperity and wholeness is dependent on Him, and upon His honoring and blessing me. I also find that His honoring me is dependent on my honoring Him. I actually believe in the power of God and in His faithfulness to perform what He has promised.

I would rather cast a vote that honors the Lord knowing that He will honor me no matter who wins. We’ve tried the other route. We have compromised Christian and Constitutional values in order to win at the ballot box for decades now, and while it has produced electoral victories and Republican majorities, God has not honored it and we’ve watched our nation slip farther and farther into socialism and statism, even while the people that the Christian right elected were at the helm.

This election year, the Constitution Party is putting forth a candidate that believes in the Rule of Law, and believes the Constitution to be the Supreme Law of the Land. Darrell Castle is a founding member of the Constitution Party since its inception in 1992. He has shown his commitment to the Constitution by serving in various leadership positions from Tennessee state chairman to national vice-chairman to 2008 Vice-Presidential nominee. Get to know him through his website at Castle2016.com. You may also be interested in listening to a recent interview he did on the American Statesman radio show: Tough Talk with Darrell Castle.

I hope you will feel that you can sign our petition in good conscience, knowing that you will be giving your fellow voters in Washington state a real Constitutional Conservative choice on the November ballot.

Yours in Liberty,

Robert W. Peck
State Chairman
Constitution Party of Washington


  1. Any voter registered in the state of Washington may sign the petition.Signing the petition does not mean that you will necessarily vote for the Castle/Bradley ticket, but rather that you agree that we need more choices on the ballot.
  2. Your signature and address must match the signature and address on your official registration form or it will be invalidated.
  3. You cannot sign the petition if you have already signed a petition for another party’s candidate. For example, if you signed a petition to get a Green Party candidate on the ballot, you cannot sign the Constitution Party petition.
  4. Each convention opens on the date listed below for each county in which the petition is being circulated. Each convention closes at 11:59 pm on July 23rd. No signatures may be gathered after that date.
  5. Signatures cannot be gathered in any county other than those listed, but anyone who is a resident or visiting one of those counties may sign. For example, if someone from King County is visiting the Gorge Amphitheater for a concert in Grant County, they may sign the petition, but the person gathering in Grant County cannot travel to King County to gather signatures.
  6. However, if you wish to help gather signatures and you live in a county near one of the counties listed below, you may help gather signatures in the specified county.


July 1, 3:00 pm
Civic Center Park
411 South Balsam Street, Moses Lake
Organizer: Karen Murray contactus [at] cpofwa [dot] org

June 27, 1:00pm
Brewster Senior Center
109 South Bridge Street, Brewster
Organizer: Greg Thorn calvary [dot] brewster [at] gmail [dot] com

July, 5, from 5:45 – 6:30 pm
Marysville Library
7312 35th Avenue NE, Marysville
Organizer: Dan’l Adams Danl_adams [at] yahoo [dot] com

June 16, 7:00 pm
Shari’s Restaurant
320 North Sullivan Road, Spokane Valley
Organizer: Ted Baker tedpbaker [at] hotmail [dot] com
Concluded and now collecting signatures
Will have booth at Fourth of July event in Riverfront Park

July 5, 6:00 pm
The Hub (Colville Community Senior Center)
231 West Elep Avenue, Colville
For anyone who is not able to make it to the convention, the petition will be available for signing at Coffee & Books, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (located in the Town Center Building, across the lobby from Chase Bank).


Constitution Week Celebration
Spokane Valley City Councilman Caleb Collier, Constitution Party Leader Karen Murray, Eastern Washington Patriot Randall Yearout, Pastor Activist Shahram Hadian

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Darrell Castle, former national Vice-chairman, currently serves on the National Executive Committee and was the Constitution Party Vice-presidential nominee in 2008.

Cynthia Davis, a four term Missouri State Representative, currently serves as a member of the Constitution Party National Committee.

Constitution Minute by Randall Yearout

Randall Yearout is the voice of Red-White-and-Blue Collar Radio and creator of the Constitution Minute radio spots originally aired on the American Christian Network, based in Spokane, Washington. This book is a compilation of those spots with additional supporting material for the principles Randall applies to today's world. You can listen to them from the Multimedia page on this website.

America Needs a Third Party Now!

This book was produced for the national Constitution Party by Karen Murray, Constitution Party of Washington Vice-chairman. It is a compilation of essays gathered from Constitution Party leaders across America and includes a history of third parties, why they are essential to freedom, and why a party based solely on the founding principles of the American Constitutional Republic is the best choice for America.