At this critical time in American history, Darrell Castle explains why he put aside his business and personal life to run for President and why he feels it is so important that he win. Overcoming challenges from the current political structure of the country where media controls the news, he sets out what must be done immediately by the American people to prevent the loss of the Constitution and the American Republic.

Whether you like it or not, the future of your country is in your hands.

How will you line up in the battle for liberty?

Constitution Party Presidential nominee Darrell Castle and his Vice-presidential running mate, Scott Bradley need your help to get on the ballot in Washington.   We must have a Constitutional Conservative option!

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Recently a Constitution Party supporter recently wrote this fun article about choices – Coke, Pepsi, or Dr. Pepper.   He concludes “What I know the store will ultimately understand is money. As long as they tell us what the choices are, and we just suck it up and buy one, our choices will NEVER change.  I’m tired of buying the lesser of two bad colas.”

In our state, we have ONE MORE WEEK to gather signatures to give the voters of Washington State a Constitutional Conservative Choice in the political marketplace.   Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley have years of commitment to America’s founding principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.   Washingtonians need them on the ballot.

We need your help!  If you have already signed the petition and/or helped gather signatures, we thank you for your service in this cause.   However, we are not done yet.   State regulations make it challenging to get a sufficient number of signatures, in the time allotted.

Below you will find links to petitions available for counties in our state.  State rules say that any voter registered in Washington State can sign a petition, regardless of the county in which they reside, but the petition can only be signed in a county which has held a nominating convention.  All signatures must match the signature and address on the voter’s current registration form. The Secretary of State’s Office can help you register or check your registration online.

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In accordance with those rules the following counties are able to gather signatures at this time.  Download, print, sign (gather other signatures if you desire), then mail to:

Constitution Party
PO Box 141015
Spokane Valley, Washington

July 23rd is the legal date for us to cease gathering signatures.  Please mail as soon as you are done so we receive them by July 30th.   We MUST have them processed and in Olympia by August 5th!



You are on the Honor System, plain and simple.

Do you work in one of these counties?  You can sign while you are at work.   Share with your family, co-workers, friends, or strangers who do live or work in one of these counties

Will you be attending an event or visiting friends or family sometime in the next week in one of these counties?   You can sign while you are physically in the county.  You can also gather signatures from family, friends, and strangers while you are in that particular county.

Working together with the common goal of providing a Constitutional Conservative choice on the November ballot, we can do this.

Yours in Liberty,

Robert W. Peck
State Chairman
Constitution Party of Washington






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An Independence Day Message From President Garfield

By Robert W. Peck - Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington

Before being elected President, while serving in Congress, James Garfield stated at the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1876:

james-a-garfield-250p"Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature ... If the next centennial does not find us a great will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces."

I'm sure that quote will garner its fair share of "amens," especially among the political right. However, I expect most of those “amens” will be predicated on the supposition that it's "the other guy" who has tolerated ignorance, recklessness and corruption in Congress by his vote for, and support of, "the other party." You might want to hold up on passing judgment just yet and look at some numbers first.

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Evergreen Constitutionist Update: 22 June 2016

Dear Constitutionists;

Over the past 20 years, our federal government has been 68% Republican controlled and the R party currently controls three times as many states as the D party, yet everything continues to go in the wrong direction. I can't find a logical explanation for Christian-conservative people winning at the polls and holding the reins of power, yet having the power that they hold in their hand produce the opposite of what they sought the power for. I can't find a natural explanation for that, but I can find a supernatural one - God has not honored the victories of the conservative right because we did not get those victories by honoring, trusting and obeying Him.

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Acceptance Speech of our 2016 Presidential Nominee

Long time Constitution Party leader, past National Committee Vice Chairman and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee, Darrell Castle, accepted the Constitution Party's Presidential nomination with a uniquely Christian-Constitutional-American speech that set him apart from the rest of the political crowd. Mr. Castle is not a politician, he is a statesman.

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Special Elections – Where's the Emergency?

Constitution Party of Washington Chairman, Robert Peck, recently submitted the following article to the Spokesman Review for possible publication as an op-ed piece. While it addresses a City of Spokane special election, the issue of the waste of taxpayer dollars applies to all Washington residents as special elections are held all around our state every year.

Waste Money 250pIt’s that time again – time for another “special election.” This time, the City of Spokane is looking to renew a levy (i. e., Tax) for emergency medical services (EMS) at an April 26 special election. But why is the city spending taxpayer money to hold a special election for this single measure instead of just adding it to the November general election ballot? Well, it's for the same reason that every special election is held – it's because levies, bonds and other tax measures have a better chance to pass at special elections than at general elections.

Voter turnout is far lower at special elections than at general elections. Therefore, if the particular government agency or program that is seeking the funds does a good job of encouraging voter turnout among their employees, employee's spouses, fellow union members, associated contractors, businesses or special interest groups that will benefit, they will make up a larger percentage of the total votes cast at a special election than at a general election. This is why agencies learned long ago to have their funding measures placed on special election ballots.

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Constitution Party National Convention Picks Castle-Bradley Presidential Ticket


The Constitution Party of Washington was honored to be represented at the convention by delegates Karen Murray and Dan'l Adams pictured here with the candidates (L-R Karen Murray, Darrell Castle, Scott Bradley, Dan'l Adams)

The Constitution Party of Washington was honored to be represented at the convention by delegates Karen Murray and Dan'l Adams pictured here with the candidates (L-R Karen Murray, Darrell Castle, Scott Bradley, Dan'l Adams)

The Constitution Party National Convention was held April 13-16 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The convention has selected Darrell Castle as our party's 2016 Presidential nominee and Scott Bradley to be his Vice Presidential running mate. More news will be forthcoming at our national party website or you can monitor our state party's Facebook page for more information.

Darrell Castle is a longtime Constitution Party member, having participated in the party's first national convention in 1992. He is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, and produces the weekly Castle Report podcast.

Scott Bradley, of Logan, Utah, was the Constitution Party U.S. Senate candidate in 2010. A scholar of the U.S. Constitution, Bradley has a PhD in Constitutional Law and is the author of To Preserve The Nation.

You can watch Darrell and Scott's nomination acceptance speeches at


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Islamic Terror – A Little History

By Darrell Castle - Former Constitution Party National Committee Vice Chairman and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee

islamic-invasion-of-america-e1443025562634Today we are going to discuss terrorism and the foolish politicians and policies that have allowed it to flourish, especially in the last fifteen years. This is a tale of war, of assimilation, and of extinction.

President George W. Bush announced that we were engaged in a global war on terror shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001. He also said, “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.” I suppose he did that to make sure the entire world was engaged in the conflict. It seems pretty obvious now that terror, especially in Europe, is worse than ever after fifteen years of the global war on terror.

Let’s review some of the things that have happened in this war since then. The United States and its western allies invaded Afghanistan, then Iraq. To some extent, they’re still engaged in both countries. The 9/11 Commission Report states that the cost, in terms of dollars of the 9/11 attacks to the attackers, was estimated to be four hundred to five hundred thousand dollars, and to the United States alone, if you count, in your estimate, the cost of caring for wounded veterans, wounded in the global war on terror, 3.3 trillion dollars. That’s quite a return on investment, isn’t it? I’d take that any day of the week. The United States cannot maintain that ratio forever, obviously, without being economically bled to death.

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The Three Unequal Branches of Government

By Robert W. Peck - Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington

The Three Unequal Branches 250pI expect we've all heard the phrase, “three coequal branches” used to describe the composition of our federal system of government. In fact, we've probably heard it so many times that we don't even pay attention, we just accept it as fact and move on. But, is it true? Are the three branches of our federal government really “coequal?

When that phrase popped up in an article that I was reading a few nights ago, something rose up inside of me and said “no, the three branches are not coequal.” When I found the phrase being used in another article the next day, I started to ponder just how unequal the branches of our federal government really are.

The three branches of our federal system of government are legislative (Congress), executive (President) and judicial (Supreme Court). This is the order in which they appear in the U.S. Constitution, and it is also their ranking in the power structure.

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Endorsements and the Effect of Compromise

By Robert W. Peck - Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington

thumbs-upWhen we give our endorsement to someone or something, we intrinsically connect ourselves to the object of that endorsement and to the values which it embodies, thus lifting – or lowering – ourselves to the level of the entity we have endorsed.

When we give our endorsement to something moral and virtuous, we elevate ourselves. Our names and our reputations partake of the honor inherent in the object of virtue with which we become associated, and which we acknowledge as representing the righteous standard. Even if our own conduct does not currently embody all of the virtues of the object of our endorsement, our decision to embrace that higher standard will ultimately draw us upward into increasing conformity to it.

Conversely, when we give our endorsement to something of lower morals, or which lacks virtue, we diminish ourselves. Our names and our reputations partake of the dishonor inherent in the object with which we become associated, and which we condone as representing an acceptable standard. Even if our own conduct currently embodies greater virtues than those of the object of our endorsement, our decision to embrace that lower standard will ultimately draw us downward into increasing conformity to it.

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The Destruction of Western Civilization

Darrell Castle 150America has lapsed into another bout of presidential primary fever. Pundits obsess over who can beat Hillary and the Christian right is conflicted over whether Donald Trump is our savior or the destroyer of the republic. Meanwhile, the destruction of western civilization marches on without regard for which establishment party holds the reins of power.

To help us find perspective in the midst of the madness, we recommend the following six part series on "The Destruction of Western Civilization" by 2008 Constitution Party Vice Presidential nominee, Darrell Castle. From time to time, it is useful to pause and review where we as a civilization have come from and where we are going to.

Mr. Castle's commentaries can be heard as audio, or read as a transcript, at the links below.

The Destruction of Western Civilization

  1. The President’s Gun Speech -- transcript
  2. The Common Law -- transcript
  3. Depopulation -- transcript
  4. Financialization -- transcript
  5. The End of Cash -- transcript
  6. Rule By A Tiny Elite -- transcript

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Wrong-Way Republicans

Wrong WayThe Conservative Right seems to operate from a general assumption that things keep getting worse because liberals are in power and democrats win all the elections. However, I got curious and did a little research on the topic. I discovered that over the past 20 years, republicans have held 57% of the control of our federal government – 68% if you add in the Supreme Court – that’s a 68/32 split in favor of the republicans. Among the union states, the elephant party holds complete control (legislature and governor) of nearly half the states (23) – more than three times as many as the dreaded donkeys (7). It turns out that America is overwhelmingly republican-controlled.

So why hasn’t so much as one unconstitutional federal agency or program been abolished, or defunded, or even had its funding reduced, or at least nothad its funding increased? And why haven’t any of the states begun to dismantle their social welfare programs, eliminate regulatory bureaucracies, significantly reduce taxes or implement anything remotely resembling what was once known as the conservative agenda?

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Big Money Flowing into Illegal Immigration Invasion

The American Constitutionist 150pConstitution Party January Newsletter

Read about the big money that is flowing into the illegal immigration invasion, not only on the left, but also on the supposed right. Click here to read the full article in the official newsletter of the national Constitution Party, The American Constitutionist.

You can subscribe to The American Constitutionist at

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If the Constitution Ain't Broken, Don't "Fix" It!

By Karen Murray - Constitution Party of Washington Vice Chairman

No-Article-V-ConventionRecent proposals to call for an Article V Convention of the States have been gaining traction as frustration grows with the increasing intrusion by federal and state governments into the lives of individual Americans, often ignoring or stretching the actual intent of the supreme law of the land, the United States Constitution. As I see it, the problem isn’t with the Constitution. The problem lies within ourselves and with the people we elect to represent us. We have come to think that the federal government exists to give us money and protection from everything. What it really does is take our money and give it away to foreign nations, special interest groups, or give a pittance back to the states with volumes of rules and regulations that must be followed in order to receive the “benefit” awarded us. We think that we elect representatives to make sure we get our share of the pie. What we really do is elect people who promptly fall into line with the status quo of party politics and obey the party line when voting on legislation or enacting policies that affect the daily lives of the people back home. Very rarely does anyone ask if a proposed law or legislation is the job of the federal government as defined in the Constitution. Even more rare is the elected official who will refuse to vote in favor of a law that violates our rights, or who will stand up against the pressure and refuse to implement an unconstitutional law. No, the Constitution isn’t the problem, we the people and our representatives are the problem.

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Cynthia Davis & Darrell Castle - Year in Review and Look Ahead to 2016 and Beyond

Darrell & Cynthia 250pThe stories you see splashed on the six o'clock news are not necessarily the most important, or key issues, that best inform you as to the state of the world that we live in. That is why we recommend this overview of 2015, and look ahead at 2016 and beyond, by Constitution Party leaders, Cynthia Davis, and Darrell Castle.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this report is Darrell and Cynthia's look at the spiritual state of the nation. The secular media, and even conservative talk radio for the most part, fail to address our nation's spiritual condition which exerts the greatest influence on everything we see taking place in our land and around the world. We're not going to fix the real problems without addressing our spiritual condition as individuals, the church and the nation. Politics is not the solution. Politics is merely a tool that should be yielded to the hand of God for His use as one instrument through which He can implement the healing of the land.

(go to post page to play audio)

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High-Tax, Big-Government Republicans

Big Government 220When the 2015-17 Washington state budget was finally passed back in June of this year, I heard boasts emanating from the Republican Party about how theyheld the line against democrats and managed to pass a budget without raising taxes. My first reaction was incredulity. My next response was to question whether I had been misjudging republicans and being unduly critical of them. However, a little research quickly revealed that I was being lied to, though it wasn’t until this past week that I heard an actual price tag placed on the cost of that lie.

In a radio program featuring Washington State Representative David Taylor, and former Representative Jason Overstreet, Representative Taylor revealed that the new state budget (which was passed with the support of 90% of republican legislators) increases taxes on Washingtonians by $17.5 billion over the next ten years. As Overstreet points out, Republican leadership, in order to conceal their deed, has resorted to deceit, calling this a “no new taxes budget.” Click here to begin listening to Taylor and Overstreet’s discussion of this topic at the 7:00 minute mark and continue through 11:30.

With an actual dollar amount for this tax increase now in hand, I thought it was time to spread the news far and wide and let my state’s higher taxes, bigger governmentrepublicans, bask in the warm glow of the light of truth shining on their deeds.

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Ray Moore – Escaping Common Core

Ray Moore 225pEducation Facts that Families Need to Hear

Former state legislator and Constitution Party leader, Cynthia Davis, recently interviewed education reformer, E Ray Moore, executive producer of the new documentary film, Escaping Common Core.

There's a lot of buzz about Common Core Curriculum and government education standards, but few are asking the real question of whether government should be involved in the education business in the first place. An education is a wonderful thing, but should this precious commodity be trusted to government to mandate, regulate and dispense?

Every parent with school-age children; every grandparent with school-age grandchildren; every taxpayer who pays for education; and every citizen who cares about their neighbor's children, needs to seriously ponder the salient points addressed in this interview.

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Darrell Castle, former national Vice-chairman, currently serves on the National Executive Committee and was the Constitution Party Vice-presidential nominee in 2008.

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